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Patrick Chen 
VP of Manufacturing

Patrick graduated from UCLA with a degree in Chemical Engineering and also obtained his MBA from Babson College.  Most recently, he led the external manufacturing efforts at Sangamo Therapeutics for over 3 years where he was responsible for manufacturing a wide array of clinical drugs and starting materials including AAV vectors, plasmids, mRNA, lentivirus, and autologous cell therapies.  He also led many of the CMC teams at Sangamo Therapeutics for both internal programs and external partnered programs with Kite Pharma and Sanofi. He previously worked at Genentech for over 13 years and led multiple contract negotiations, tech transfers and manufacturing efforts to CMOs in Europe and Asia of various commercial drugs including Activase®, Herceptin® and Rituxan®.
His other experiences included process development and clinical manufacturing of BASF Bioresearch Corporation’s first monoclonal antibody which eventually led to the successful development of Humira®. He also previously led the CMC Project Management group at Chiron Corporation and also led the process engineering design of a new manufacturing facility in Rhode Island to supply Enbrel® while working at Amgen.
At Grace Science, he will lead the manufacturing efforts to supply innovative new drugs for treating NGLY1 Deficiency and related diseases.